Zoom Joining Links

Zoom Joining Links

Parallel Session I

Joining Link
Meeting ID: 815 2087 4849
Passcode: 910171

Parallel Session II

Joining Link
Meeting ID: 980 6371 9445
Passcode: 074959

Parallel Session III

Joining Link
Meeting ID: 816 7692 2205
Passcode: 961171


How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting?

If you have trouble logging in to Zoom or any technical issues, please write to us at writeus@scientificprism.com or call us +61 0416 000 202 (Direct phone and WhatsApp).

Join a Meeting

  1. Join a meeting by clicking on a Zoom link provided by the meeting host
  2. Follow the prompts to download and run Zoom application
  3. Enter the meeting ID if prompted
  4. Click to join the audio.
  5. When you are in the meeting, click on the Start Video button to start your video.

If you already have Zoom software installed: Open the Zoom platform, click ‘join’ and enter the meeting ID and password.

Note: We have separate meeting links for each parallel session. Ensure that you follow the meeting details from the program. If you are not able to do so or have any confusion, do reach out to us via zoom chatbox or email/text.

JMute/Unmute & Audio Settings

You can mute and unmute your microphone. The host also can mute you. We recommend using a headset and/or microphone as it will lead to better sound quality than using your computer audio. Turn off all sound notifications on your device.

Note: During the presentation we will unmute everyone except the speaker and the chairs.

Screen Share

You will be allowed to share your screen during your presentation. Your computer screen will become visible to all the participants once you start sharing your screen. Please close all other applications on your computer so that notifications do not appear during your presentation. Keep the PowerPoint slide open on your system before you click the ‘Share Screen’ button. You are recommended to share the specific PowerPoint slide and not your desktop.


Darker color shirts/blouses appear better on camera. Try to avoid busy plaid or patterned outfits.

Q&A - Chat function

The delegate participants will drop their questions in the chat panel and the moderator/chair of the program will pick the questions to be asked after the presentation.

Presentation Timings

Please note that all the timings mentioned in the program are per the Brisbane time zone. Do ensure that you check the time difference well in advance and join the meeting at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation time. If you need us to tell the specific time slot for your presentation (in local time zone), do let us know.

Below is the break down for each presentation type:
Plenary (Australian Laureate Fellowship Recipients): 25 mins talk + 5 mins Q&A Invited Speaker: 17 mins talk + 3 mins Q&A Oral Presentation: 12 mins talk + 3 mins Q&A Poster Presentation: 4 minutes talk + 3 mins Q&A

Note: Posters should be submitted on or before 09 Oct. All the posters will be displayed on the website.

Presentation Type

We recommend you to deliver your presentation in Powerpoint slideshow mode. Ensure that all your animations and videos are working fine. We also suggest you to send us a copy of your presentation so we can share it on your behalf during the talk in case of any technical glitch.

Note: We would be deleting all the presentation slides after the meeting and they would not be shared with anyone without your approval.

For regular updates bookmark IFASM Oceania 2022 website.

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