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Publication Opportunity

The conference papers will be published as a special issue through the peer review process in the Journal of Superconductivity published by Elsevier.

Superconductivity — Open Access Journal


Superconductivity is an open access multidisciplinary journal encompassing the general field of superconductivity and relevant subjects, from fundamentals to application. Superconductivity will embrace all significant/urgent advances in Superconductivity research, covering the previously unknown and the innovative.

These include but are not limited to the following fields:

  • Superconducting materials: synthesis and characterization of superconductors, HTS and LTS wires/tapes, films, and bulk superconductors.
  • Large-scale applications: conductor, cable, coil and magnet technology for power, energy, accelerators, fusions, high-field facility, medical and other applications.
  • Electronics and applications: active and passive devices, sensors and detectors, analog and digital circuits, novel devices and circuits, system development and various applications of superconducting electronics.
  • Theories of superconductivity, basic physics of superconductors and vortex matter, discovery and development of new superconductors, other related theories on physics of condensed matter.
  • Associated technologies/topics for superconducting applications and/or low temperature engineers, such as cryogenics, thermal and electrical insulations, cryogenic electronics, and standardizations.

Article types:

  • Original research papers are regular full-length research papers describing original research results related to superconductivities.
  • State-of-the-art reviews are reviews of medium length oriented to a specific topic.
  • Rapid Letters are for publishing original academic achievements that have made significant breakthroughs and need to be published quickly.
  • Large scale application reports are academic reports on large-scale projects with frontier demonstration significance in the field, and may include the background, main contents, key technologies, core challenges, main achievements, and other related information of the project in detail.
  • Scientific data reports, aims at the key, valuable and original experimental data and measurement results needed for scientific research and product development in the field, including but not limited to the electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical characteristics of superconductors and related materials.
  • Special thematic issues, for some specific frontier key topics, subject to invitation and acceptance of proposal. Selected peer-reviewed papers from academic conferences, recommended for top academic conferences in the field.
  • Others article types: (Guest) Editorial, letters to the editor and replies, invited commentary papers from authoritative experts in the field to comment on published hot or debated articles, and comments from readers on articles published in this journal containing constructive scientific advice and/or offering fresh insights.

Submission procedure:

Before submission, the authors should consider and assign the correct article type and the main subject area (selected from the five subjects described in the scope).

Multiple languages:

To express the author's academic intention truly and accurately, our journal encourages - but does not force - the author(s) to publish core meta data such as title, abstract and highlights both in English and Chinese.

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